Our Ethos and Values

The primary objective of Attenborough Learning Trust (“ALT”) is to deliver increased learning opportunities for children, broadening the perspective of all young people so that they and their families place no limits on their opportunities and ambitions, in order to achieve improved outcomes and life chances for all.

We are committed to:

High expectations: raising aspirations and educational standards within a partnership that serves the local communities of our schools.

Collaboration: sharing the great practice, expertise and resources that are within the schools to enable all schools to deliver excellent education for all of the children in their communities.

Diversity: each school’s individual character is valued and the trust’s relationships throughout the partnership are characterised by mutual respect, openness and a commitment to the core purpose of the academy trust.

ALT’s core ambitions are to ensure that: –

The children in ALT benefit from the increased learning opportunities created by access to a wider experienced pool of specialist teaching and support staff and a wider range of resources resulting in improved outcomes and life chances for all.

ALT is orientated around families and carers and the community with enhanced family and carer support including sharing facilities and expertise, improved access to enrichment and support services and a broader range of community services.

The staff in ALT benefit from increased opportunities to develop and maintain their high-quality teaching practice by utilising access to greater resources and wider peer networks for sharing best practice.

ALT schools improve their operational effectiveness and efficiency by sharing support and expertise.

Together ALT schools are better placed to contribute to the wider system of education across Leicester. Outward facing and forward thinking we continuously look for opportunities to share experience, support others and develop ourselves and others.